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With an expanding family (there are four now, ranging in ages from 2 to 19), she knew she wanted to offer better options than what she was finding on the shelves at local grocery stores, so she went to work in the kitchen – engaging her children in the process – and learned about food safety, bottling, and flavoring. All Organic Girly products are organic and come from local farms where Dina is on a first name basis with the owners.

Dina’s products all taste good, but some of them have special wellness properties like the Fire Cider, designed to be added to salads as a dressing or taken daily as a shot. The drink contains the mother of the cider – purported to contain beneficial minerals and probiotics – and is fermented with horseradish to help regulate blood sugar and ward off food cravings. Local raw honey is added for a hint of sweetness. Though it sounds counterintuitive, Dina said a daily dose of the cider – which is also anti-viral and contains probiotics – can help with reflux and has helped her come off medication for the disorder.

Water Kefir is another healthful tonic made at the OG. According to Dina, the drink is packed with probiotics and beneficial bacteria, likened to a probiotic soda. The drink is made in a variety of low-sugar options using local organic produce and also made for kids as Propsicles.

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